TOTEM TRIBE TOWER Contemporary floorstanding speakers (Pair)


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The Tribe Tower represents the culmination of knowledge acquired through the research and development of the award-winning Tribe and Element series. Packing revolutionary Torrent technology into a striking cabinet, it has the performance, versatility, and style that appeals to the audiophile and designer in all of us. Tribe Tower’s driver array features dual 4” Torrent woofers and a 1.3” soft dome tweeter in a resonance controlling metal faceplate. The distinctively shaped cabinet derived from the Element series has no parallel lines to dissipate the distortion-causing standing waves within. Extremely stylish and conveniently sized, Tribe Tower will demand attention on the retail floor and appeal to designers and their clients who want an alternative to on-wall or in-wall options. Its main trio of sonic claims that will eventually earn it legendary status are its uncanny phase consistency, full range capabilities from its miniscule footprint, and remarkable ease of placement. Whether closely huddled, spread far apart, or even facing different directions they will still have the most musically convincing, totally seamless presentation that was ever envisioned. Satin Black and White finishes are equipped with twin pairs of gold plated terminals while premium Dusk and Ice multi coat polyester paint finishes have Bi-Wireable WBT 4-way connectors and annealed aluminum terminal plates.


• Two 4” Torrent Technology low resonance woofers supplying mid and bass with no crossover in the woofer path for the purest possible signal, ensuring the unique Totem Acoustic sonic signature and phase characteristics.

• 1.3” 33-millimeter laser etched textile dome tweeter with ½ inch thick metal faceplate that creates crystal clear highs. • Avant-garde monocoque cabinetry with no parallel surfaces creates an incredibly rigid and inert enclosure.

• Industry unique Borosilicate dampening manages energy dissipation in a desired, controlled manner within the enclosure while keeping the cabinet musically alive.

• Satin Black and White finishes are equipped with twin pairs of gold plated terminals.

• Premium Dusk and Ice multi coat polyester paint finishes are also equipped with Annealed Aluminum rear terminal plates and Bi-Wireable WBT connectors.

• Phase consistent from any position or location ensures ease of placement anywhere in the room.

• Frequency response: 30Hz- 30kHz +- 3dB with proper placement.

• Minimum impedance: 4ohm

• Efficiency: 89 dB

• Recommended Power: 50-200 Watt

• Dimensions (w x h x d):7.01 x 36.81 x 7.87” I 17.8cm x 93.5 x 20

• Dimensions represent the cabinet, decouplers can add .78”/ 20mm

• Magnetic grills and acoustic decoupling are included.

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Satin Black, Satin White, Dusk, Ice


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