TOTEM BISON TWIN TOWER Contemporary floorstanding speakers (Pair)




Over the years, we haven’t altered our engineering on how a speaker is developed and produced. Our expertise has nonetheless evolved and is therefore incorporated in this most stunning Bison Twin Tower. No shortcuts here, as practicality is thrown out the window and symbiotic /synergistic/ extremely musical relationships are composed and interwoven by virtue of carefully selected components and inter-articulated parts. By means of our own computational tables, unique driver development, evolved and superb revolutionary hard-wired crossover assemblies, beautiful Canadian cabinetry with resultant cutting edge, subtle aesthetics ; the birth of the Bison Twin Tower is formulated. Both high performance woofers working in the same frequency domain provide a lush, thick, midrange and important bass fullness that is unique in the category. This same principle is highlighted in our own flagship Metal V2 and in the Bison TT is equally privileged by the tremendous advantages of this carefully construed assemblage. If one wants to Feel, Hear and truly Sense the VISTA , HEIGHT and SCALE possible through a speaker system, the Bison TT must be felt, heard and experienced. Comfortable with a large array of diverse electronics , it can provide for a top-class GIANT sound experience for the most discerning tastes. Prepare to feel the stampede and force of the Bison Twin Tower!


Width 7.36”

Height 38.39”

Depth 10.24”.


Ported 2-way/3-driver design with 1.3” laser etched textile soft dome tweeter and dual 5-3/4” woofers with copper capped voice coil.
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms and Sensitivity 90dB @ @ 1watt / Crossover Frequency 2.5kHz (second order) Frequency Response 31 Hz to 29.5 kHz ± 3 dB and recommended power 30-200W.
Recommended placement: 1’ – 3’ from rear wall; 4’ – 12’ apart.
Mass loadable cabinet to effectively modify interactions with room acoustics without altering the speaker’s placement.
Includes optional sound isolating Claws, increasing the cabinet’s height by 0.59” and overall width by 1.57”.

Additional information

Finish Color

Black Ash Veneer, White Oak Veneer, Satin White Paint


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